Why Must Watch “Kanupapa” Movie Online

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Mohan Lal, Baby Meenakshi, Vimala Raman, Anu Sri, Smudrakhani, VedumudiVenu, Chemban Vinod Josh, etc

Screenplay & Direction:Priyadarshan

Music: 4 Music (Eldos, Gym, BB, Justin)

Cinematography: S.K. Ekambaram

Produced by: Mohan Lal on Overseas Network Entertainment banner


Kanupapa movie came under the deadly combination of Perfect Actor Mohan Lal and Director Priyadarshan. Their combination gave many masterpieces earlier, like Kalapani, etc. Mohan Lal, who does roles irrespective of his image like Manyam Puli, Janatha Garage, etc., in Telugu. His characters depict his passion for acting. Sensible Director Priyadarshan made many masterpieces. He frequently teamed up with Mohan Lal. His straight films in Telugu were Nirnayam with Nagarjuna and Gandeevam with Balakrishna only. Kanupapa movie dubbed into Telugu from Malayalam. Let’s check the movie’s story in aha ott platform.


Attempts are usually made to remake a hit film in one language. However, when it is felt that the original magic cannot be recreated, dubbing is successful. Heroes like complete actor Mohanlal, in particular, find it difficult to show such fantastic acting in movies, though. That is why dubbing has to be done, and there is no other option. It’s more than that, but Mohanlal dubbed the recent super hit ‘Oppam’ in Telugu with the title ‘Kanupapa’ and brought it to us.

Kanupapa’s story revolves around a blind Jayaram (Mohanlal). Jayaram, who works as a lift operator, is doing his job better than those who have eyes, depending on his concert and other senses, even if he is not focused. Retired Supreme Court Judge (NerumudiVenu) stays in the posh apartment complex where our hero Jayaram works. The judge believes Jayaram and shares some secrets about his life. He continues to search for a criminal named O Vasu Dev. However, some murders take place in the city during this time. The police department suspects that they are all similar and have some link to them.

Meanwhile, a wedding engagement is taking place in the apartment. The judge is assassinated, Blind Jayaram. As soon as Alert goes to the judge’s room, he escapes as if he had found the killer (Samudrakhani), this is where the police come in. Jayaram is suspected to be the prime accused in the murder case. From there, it starts like a cat and mouse game. Jayaram tries to prove his innocence.

On the other hand, the killer is trying to pull information from Jayaram and commit another murder. That’s none other than a child, which Jayaram loved more than his life. So what is Jayaram’s relationship with that child..? What is the lead to this story in the judge murder case..? Can Jayaram, who is framed in the judge murder case,escape..? What actually happened? What is the real moto of the killer? If you want to know how the killer got into Jayaram’s hands, you have to see an excellent murder mystery in the movie. 

Top reasons why to watch “Kanupapa” movie online:

The Mohanlal,Priyadarshan combination got a lot of hits. With that, we came up with an excellent interesting plot rather than cashing in on that craze.

And there are a lot of highlight scenes in this movie. Mohan Lal wrote all of the scenes in the performance of the base. The scene where Jayaram senses that there is a murderer in the lift, especially in one scene, and the interval scene are lovely. If you look at those scenes, it makes sense why Priyadarshan became such a great director.

The film is technically very sound. Cinematography and background score set the mood for the film. The scenes between the hero and the villain helped to increase the tempo in the second half.

To say about the award-winning National actor, SamudraKhani does his role very well then he lives in character.

Songwriter Anantha Sharma also wrote the songs to suit the Telugu Nativity without seeming to be dubbed anywhere. The dubbing dialogues are also well done. Srinivasa Murthy, who also dubbed Mohanlal, also brought tempo to the film with his voice.


Finally:  This movie is not for those who want to watch routine and regular films. But, for a different story film, for those who want to see it with good visuals, excellent acting, and coordination with other sections. Many users are watching Telugu movies online as its new trend of entertainment to watch favorite movies in homes.