Comedy movies that remind our cheerful days

Every day is getting dark nowadays, and it seems like everyone around the world is frustrated and stressing out because of their situation. One of the main reasons because of which people are frustrated is because of this pandemic. It is a very honest part of life that sometimes makes people too bitter for themselves that it becomes very hard for them to live a normal life with happiness. It is very important to consider that you should take out some time for your self-care despite being so busy no matter what the situations are. A good movie plays a vital role in bringing you out of stressful situations. With the advent of the OTT platform, you can easily watch movies online at your PacePace without having to go out and enjoy your favorite comedy movies by laying down on your bed.

Watching Comedy movies online provides you with unlimited access to your favorite comedy movies. It allows you to watch them freely at your PacePace, and changing your mood helps bring more joy and happiness to your life. With time, the fanbase of South Indian comedy movies increases day by day among the audience and viewers because of the hilarious and amazing performance showcased by the artist in a very natural way, helping the viewers connect with them.

Among various hilarious Telugu movies, Bell bottom is a movie that has everything that a comedy thriller must have that makes this comedy thriller a must-watch comedy movie for every movie lover. This is a comedy thriller movie which is made with an unconventional lead. The director and actors Make Every effort to showcase the best time of the 80s on the screen with so much honesty and clarity that makes every scene worth watching.

The movie is about detective Diwakar whose role is played by Rishab Shetty is a professional constable but wants to be a detective hence considered a detective by heart. He is a great fan of James Bond and grew up watching his movie also very much interested in reading detective novels and always cherishes a dream to become a detective himself. But his father forces him to become a police constable, so he has to be so. Within a month of joining, he solves a murder case with so much ease because of his detective skills that make him efficient in solving a big robbery case. While he was engaged in solving this case, he was also introduced to the true love of his life, Kusuma. The whole film is about how Diwakar solves this case; it is a fun-filled roller coaster beautifully captured in a retro frame.

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