Buying diamonds is now not only joyful but also uplifting towards the backward sections of the society

With many companies deciding to give back to the society through every purchase being made with them; this has brought the retail companies to collaborate with many nonprofit organizations in Australia. One such company like the SH jewelers has partnered with the I=change NGO as a part of their initiative in giving back to the weaker sections. Which has come up with unique idea of donating 10$ from every purchase to this initiative which supports many causes like helping the refugee mothers, feeding Aussies in crises and also empowering survivors

What more? The customers making the purchase are directly in charge of choosing the cause to which they are willing to donate, exclusive to the people making the purchase online. The donations from the in- store purchases are exclusively being divided equally amongst all three causes. Also, with the purchase of each ring sizer by the store, the amount of 10$ is being transferred to these organizations.

When viewed collectively the company through its customers has managed to bring large changes in the lives of many unfortunate people, seeking their goodwill which is directly poured into the lives of the people purchasing the diamonds. And the customers can be rest assured that their money is being used for the right causes entirely as the jewelry company ask no payment of funds for partnering with these NGOs’ staying true to their saying of every cent counts.

More info on the exclusive policy of diamond price match guarantee

With the leading jewelers company promising the best wedding rings Melbourne, any deviation from this where another place selling the diamonds for less than what the company is offering can be brought to notice and the necessary arrangements can be made after going through the detailed process of checking with the similar carat , cut and originality if matching if given the price match. This applies to lose diamond and every other character from the criteria of polish, Fluorescence, symmetry, table, depth etc. are all considered.

 The very necessary verification mark from the gemological association of Australia (GAA) has to be with the diamonds being compared. Once the confirmed with the necessary characters, an executive will be made available to the customers to make the price match guarantee possible. This is to make sure that the services being offered are of top quality and always in customer benefactory. However, when making any diamond purchase it is huge investment to keep in mind and the selling company believes in giving all freedom to the customers with a 30-day return policy and having an insurance to the diamond being purchased to ensure all kinds of safety.