The Best Custom Awards Show Your Appreciation

Companies, schools, associations and clubs often want to recognize people who contribute exceptionally to the organization. Furthermore, the winners of all kinds of sports tournaments deserve special recognition for their efforts. TheĀ custom award plaques with your logo and message demonstrate your appreciation for the recipient’s good work.

Awards are given in all forms and sizes, including traditional trophies, crystal or acrylic prizes, wood trophies, watches and even the artist’s customized artworks. You can pay a simple badge as little as a buck or even more than $2,000 for customer service. The type of award you choose and the price you are prepared to pay depends on your achievement.

custom trophies and awards

Uhren have traditionally been awarded service awards. Usually, the company logo is screened on the face of the watch. The number of colours available for silkscreening can vary from two to four depending on the clock. Other custom awards include crystalline paperweights and coaster weights. These items are graved or grafted with the company information and the message of congratulations.

Maintain your sales force motivated by custom sales awards. The information is engraved on an impressive plaque consisting of a black piano wood base with a bevelled glass face rather than a Parchment Award Certificate. Consider also recompensing your top traders with acrylic or crystal desk clocks. Another good way to recognize your star performers is through a star-shaped trophy.

Volunteers are honoured with custom acrylic, crystal, or glass awards. Your message is either graved in or etched into the award, and in some cases, additional text based on the award may be included.

Choose sports awards and trophies for winners of sports events, whether a minor League Championship or a charity golf event. Olympic medals for all types of events are suitable. Golf trophies include golf awards, drivers and golf pictures. Choose awards in different sizes to recognize the teams that won the competition at different levels.

The selection of the award requires a little more attention to honouring leaders and respected donors and volunteers. The awards include:

  • The elegant crystal bar is set in a cacao box.
  • Exquisitely cut crystal vases.
  • The artist’s hand-formed work of glass art.
  • The eagles of crystal.

Expect to pay $500 for awards of this kind.

Do not forget to ask about your basic options when selecting awards. Some awards have a basic standard; you may have to order the foundation separately for other prizes. Wood bases can usually be affixed to a metal plate with your message or the recipient’s name.