Know more about the electric pod

Cannabis, weed, pot, dope, and grass are whole terms for Maryjane. It’s the very drug that comes from the marijuana plant, yet it’s known by a few names. It very well might be smoked, vaped, drank, or eaten. An expanding number of doctors are endorsing it to treat specific clinical sicknesses and manifestations. Pot contains mind-adjusting synthetic compounds that affect both the cerebrum and the body.

What is a E-pot?

With the electronic industry booming and transforming the whole world, it has also not left the pot industry behind. Electronic pots or e- pots, go by various names: พอต, e-bubbler, e-bong, etc.  Electric pots or e-bongs are not only suitable for smoking but even for grinding and sieving. They can likewise be utilized as embellishing things.

E-pots are smokable, refillable, or replaceable with cartridges and have compartments that contain fluid containing nicotine, solvents, and substance enhancing that might be smoked. At the point when an individual breathes in, they give negative strain to the gadget, which makes a battery heat the fluid arrangement, which is then atomized into a fume that can be breathed in.

Electronic pots or ‘พอต’ come really in handy when a smoker doesn’t have time and space to roll a joint. E-pots come in different colors and shapes and can even be customized according to their preference. There is a multitude of options you can choose from in the market or even buy itonline.


Types of electronic pots

Electric pots come with a plethora of colors to choose from, but there are also options when it comes to functioning:

  • Vaporizer with a built-in water cooling system.
  • A vaporizer that works by conduction.
  • A flame filter with a passive-convection “vaporization pipe.”
  • A radiation vaporizer that may be carried about.
  • A forced-air vaporizer in which the vapors fill the detachable balloon (top), which is subsequently breathed.


In case of the need for an instant smoke, with not enough space or time to grind and roll, e-pots have now come as nice alternatives. Whether it be nicotine or marijuana, one can vape anything in an e-pot. A good item to satiate your need, also a good item to adorn your living room.