Vision Therapy’s Rewards for Your Child’s Vision

If your child is having trouble reading, leaning in closer to the television, or complaining of headaches, he or she is most certainly suffering from vision problems. Your first step should be to have your child an eye checkup to figure out what’s causing the eyesight problem and how to best address it.

Corrective eyewear may not be enough for some childhood vision problems. This strategy helps your child’s brain and eyes work together more effectively. Your local myopia control optometrist will go through the advantages of this approach with you in detail.

Effective Vision Correction Option

My Kids Vision

Before we do anything further, we may do a full eye exam to assess your child’s current eye health. We can also determine whether their eyesight issue is truly incompatible with alternative treatment options. We’ll construct a personalized set of exercises for your child once we’ve determined whether or not he or she is eligible for vision training. The neuroplasticity principle of the neurological system is used in vision therapy, allowing the brain to quickly adjust to external stimuli. While your child performs our advised exercises on a regular basis, their eyes and brain are being educated to operate together more effectively. Its multi-sensory approach aids in the development of your child’s numerous ocular functions as well as the prevention of pre-existing vision issues. Visit My Kids Vision for consultation.

Improved Academic Performance and Social Development

Because your children learn mostly through imitation, it is critical to preserve their visual health. Vision therapy helps your child’s eyes improve their focusing, tracking, and accommodation skills. This will allow children to clearly see what their teachers are writing on the board. Your child’s improved vision can also aid in the development of their self-esteem by allowing them to interact with other children. When playing outdoor games, sports, and other activities, their improved hand-eye coordination and faster peripheral vision reaction time might raise their self-confidence.

Better Quality of Life

Vision training is gaining popularity as a vision rehabilitation program in addition to being an effective vision repair solution. It has been shown in studies to help youngsters with developmental disabilities or brain trauma improve their ocular functioning and hand-eye coordination. This may be of tremendous assistance to them in regaining control over their everyday routines.

Atropine eye drops, myopia control glasses, myopia control contact lenses, and Ortho-k contact lenses are some of the efficient myopia control techniques available for children with progressive nearsightedness. Others can rectify their nearsightedness using prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery. You may need to wear your glasses or contact lenses all the time or only when you need them, depending on the severity of your myopia.