Beginner’s Tips for Playing Paperio Game

paper io is an Android and iOS fun game that needs players to chew away the arena and safe zone of players playing within a game. This is a multi-player game that is fast-paced and allows the players to chomp pieces off a field & turn it to their given colors. You may achieve it by leaving away your zone & looping around; the game is real fund, you just have to make sure you do not get cut off, as if it happens, then you lose the game of paper io!

The game is liked by many people across the world it is a fun game to play and have fun with your friends. The offshoot was developed like the puzzle & general interest game. But, it has attained success as many people like the concept of the game and love playing it for hours. There are certain tips that you need to keep in mind when playing this game, let us look some of them.

Be close to home

Though it appears quite alluring to go and explore the whole environment when you spawn, but you need to know that it is straight way of dying from the dangers. You will be highly vulnerable in such opening moments, when you are runt of a litter and not aware about your surroundings. Make sure you check the game and learn to play it the right way.



When you start playing the game, stay in your territory and find the side that is free from enemies – and then inch out, just by extending your area in small increments and this way you will go a very long way. More territory you acquire, easier it becomes to access the ‘safe’ areas without even exposing to danger present in the game.

Form Different Colour

One basic premise of the game is you have to mark out the huge chunk of map for yourself, by doing this it becomes yours. Do you find it simple, right?

Suppose you are looking to earn high scores & beat other players too, just lay down the territory. Bigger the chunk of map you have, more score you will have, and higher chances of winning the game. This means you will get a lot of profit when take the enemies territory that will be denoted by the large colored zones.

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