Best Shower Mats To Choose for Elderly Person

non slip bathtub mat

When it comes to finding the best bathroom mats especially if you have seniors at home then you might have to think about some considerations. As there are a lot of non slip bathtub mat and rugs for senior person, it will be tough to tell which is good for them. Continue reading to find the best choice in the product category.

The perfect anti-slip mat features the suction cups that will firmly stick on any even surface to get maximum safety, they are antibacterial and adapt easily to the different temperatures when retaining the shapes. Such mats are very lightweight; they have the high-water retention ability and withstand washing in a machine.

Some Important Consideration to Make

Whereas your primary concern should be safety, it is very important to select the nonslip mat that will not damage your tub and its finish.

non slip bathtub mat


There are a few bathtubs that have the textured finish, at times for the aesthetics, for slip resistance. Majority of the textured tubs do not protect against the slips, thus you will need something more extra. This trick is finding the mat that sticks enough to its texturing and not move but does not stick well that damages your tub when your mat is removed. So, finding the medium one will be a bit challenging.

With these lines, you will have to find out something that properly sticks around your bathtub. Whereas the fixed midline will help to prevent any falls, still you are at a risk of falling in case your foot slides at the corner of a mat. Such risk will be compounded by the curious toddlers that are intrigued by the flapping mat corner.

Check Out the Size

You will have to carefully find the right size of the tub before buying the nonslip mat. One very small might not cover an area you want it to be covered, whereas the mat that is very large might present the tripping hazard. The good nonslip mat must cover the floor of the tub –however not the walls – this will leave the drain totally uncovered.

Find Your Favorite Color

The color of your mat is just a matter of preference. There are some users who might want the bath mat in the color that is similar to tub, to blend aesthetically and avoid drawing your child’s attention over something they think is a toy. And older users may consider the mat in color that completely contrasts with the shower or tub to easily see its edges. Many people do not wear glasses and contact lenses in shower, thus seeing clearly will be a big challenge. Shower curtains and poor lighting will make visibility even worse.