Thriller movies for Telugu people who loves excitement

Here is a collection of great regional Telugu Thriller Movies and films that you should watch if you enjoy the thriller genre and love watching movies. These are some of the best Telugu Thriller movies to watch, with plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat and suspense. You may watch all of the top Telugu horror flicks right now on any of the many streaming video on demand (OTT) sites.

List of the Best Tollywood Thriller Movies with Lots of Suspense:

  1. Aithe (2003):

Movie buffs, be warned: Aithe is an oldie that came out in the first half of the previous decade. Despite the film’s lack of commercial success, it was praised for its innovative concept, outstanding ensemble, and talent. In this case, the criminal takes a plane hostage with only four of his supporters. The hijacker isn’t a known terrorist or a violent criminal, but their goal is to instill fear worldwide. This book excels as a psychological thriller.

  1. Senapathi:

Director Pavan Sadineni helms the Indian Telugu-language murder thriller Senapathi (Commander), set to be released in 2021. The original version, in Tamil, was released in 2017. Jeevan Kumar, Pavani Reddy, and Rocky are only some of the actors featured in the film. Senapathi made its debut on Aha on December 31, 2021. Watch Senapathi Movie Online today on Aha with HD quality.

  1. Aravind (2005):

The film from the early 2000s is still considered a masterpiece and a must-watch thriller among Telugu films. The story follows director Aravind and an actor as they travel around the country in search of film plot ideas. Nonetheless, remarkable events occur in which the script controls their lives and makes them become real people.

Watch Anukokunda Oka Roju | Prime Video

  1. Anukokunda Oka Roju (2005):

Movie fans should not miss this opportunity to see Jagapathi Babu and Charmee Kaur in one of the year’s best thriller movies to watch. The story follows an actress who is drugged at a party without her knowledge and then wakes up a day later. She can’t recall what happened in the intervening days.

  1. Karthikeya (2014):

The film stars Nikhil, and it’s about some strange things that happen to him when he goes to a town called Subramaniapuram to set up a medical clinic. The locals are perpetually alarmed by rumors of a poisonous snake in the temple, but the actor uncovers the truth.

  1. Drushyam (2014):

Highly recommended for fans of suspense and thriller films, the critically acclaimed Drushyam was a smash hit when it was released. Starring Venkatesh Daggubati and Meena, the film follows their characters as they try to keep their family safe after the hero’s daughter inadvertently kills a man who tries to blackmail and molest her.

Phenomenal movies on Aha

Hope you enjoyed this rundown of the best Tollywood and Telugu Thriller flicks now available to Watch Senapathi Movie Online. For fans of suspenseful movies, these are essential viewing.

Files Downloader – Keep Your Computer Safe

Files – A Guide For the Rest of Us

More and more people are looking for options to download anime and raw manga. Many people have dismissed them as a fad that will soon pass, but as we can all see, they have made a solid mark and are here to stay.

Anime has its roots in manga, which is not just a children’s cartoon. It is an art form with beautiful graphics and images. Anime and raw manga are suitable for people of all ages: you can find things that are deeply philosophical and touching just as easily as adventure anime. Some of the thoughts and ideas dealt with in anime are modern interpretations of issues that have troubled people for centuries, giving you fresh perspectives and encouraging reflection through an extremely enjoyable medium.

How to Prevent Your Computer Files

So it’s only natural that people are looking for raw manga options to download anime and manga. As with everything, there are many options available online and offline. If you walk into the store, you will easily find many anime. You’ll have a pretty good selection, but if you’re looking for non-mainstream anime, you’ll have a hard time finding it.

However, you can find anything on the net. You can easily download anime and manga. Regular options are available. If you just type “anime” or “manga” into any search, you’ll find tons of options, most of which claim to be free. It is very important to take these so-called free offers with a grain of salt. On some sites, once you’ve downloaded what you want, you’ll find that you can only play it with their player, which you need to buy. Read the terms before clicking “raw manga”. Your time will be well invested. The catch will be mentioned somewhere in small print.

Another option is torrents. Of course, they will be completely free. But the price may be too high. You will most likely end up with corrupted files that won’t play, and that’s if you’re lucky. Otherwise, you may end up with infected files that will crash your computer. The best option for downloading anime and manga is through websites that will let you download as much as you want after you pay a membership fee that is never too high.

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Mp3 Download – factors to consider

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Mp3 Download


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Understand how online movies are growing popular

Streaming movies allows viewers to watch movies or other videos online without downloading them. For streaming platforms to function, a user must have a fast internet connection. You can watch online movies on several sites and streaming services.

What Makes Online Movies So Popular

Young people, especially, are increasingly interested in online movies nowadays. Several OTT platforms like fmovies are present, which provide original content. There are many reasons why online movies have gained so much popularity. It is free movies that matter most. While some sites charge for subscriptions, some sites do not charge.

The ways of entertainment are changing as well as the technology. Nowadays, people are switching over to streaming services rather than the old cable subscriptions of television, which can be free or require less fees than the old subscriptions.

People must switch to exciting horizons to experience instead of monotonous cable subscriptions. Here are a few reasons why online movie streaming is so popular: –


In contrast to television schedules, streaming platforms are convenient for the user because they don’t have to wait for it. With streaming movies and TV shows, viewers can watch their favorite shows and movies on their schedule.

Pay only for subscribed content

Users of online streaming platforms choose what features they want access to, then pay only for the ones they select. The subscription-free model allows users to pay only for the content they want to view, and not for services they don’t need.

Availability of more movies


The platforms and apps that offer streaming movies are customized according to users’ preferences. Their interests are taken into account when choosing movies and videos. Users benefit from a customized browsing experience.

Changing Youth Audiences

Young people are a large part of the online streaming market. Streaming fmovies sites and apps enable them to access information of interest more easily than cable television. As a result, the increasing use of online platforms by youth has greatly influenced its popularity.


Consumers will appreciate the service that offers good entertainment at an affordable price. It is cheaper to pay for a subscription to a streaming service than a cable television subscription. The site provides access to a large library of free movies and videos, which appeals too many users.

Users can access online movies in a variety of languages with subtitles via several sites and apps. You can find the best free online movies if you visit reliable websites that offer free movies online.

Comedy movies that remind our cheerful days

Every day is getting dark nowadays, and it seems like everyone around the world is frustrated and stressing out because of their situation. One of the main reasons because of which people are frustrated is because of this pandemic. It is a very honest part of life that sometimes makes people too bitter for themselves that it becomes very hard for them to live a normal life with happiness. It is very important to consider that you should take out some time for your self-care despite being so busy no matter what the situations are. A good movie plays a vital role in bringing you out of stressful situations. With the advent of the OTT platform, you can easily watch movies online at your PacePace without having to go out and enjoy your favorite comedy movies by laying down on your bed.

Watching Comedy movies online provides you with unlimited access to your favorite comedy movies. It allows you to watch them freely at your PacePace, and changing your mood helps bring more joy and happiness to your life. With time, the fanbase of South Indian comedy movies increases day by day among the audience and viewers because of the hilarious and amazing performance showcased by the artist in a very natural way, helping the viewers connect with them.

Among various hilarious Telugu movies, Bell bottom is a movie that has everything that a comedy thriller must have that makes this comedy thriller a must-watch comedy movie for every movie lover. This is a comedy thriller movie which is made with an unconventional lead. The director and actors Make Every effort to showcase the best time of the 80s on the screen with so much honesty and clarity that makes every scene worth watching.

The movie is about detective Diwakar whose role is played by Rishab Shetty is a professional constable but wants to be a detective hence considered a detective by heart. He is a great fan of James Bond and grew up watching his movie also very much interested in reading detective novels and always cherishes a dream to become a detective himself. But his father forces him to become a police constable, so he has to be so. Within a month of joining, he solves a murder case with so much ease because of his detective skills that make him efficient in solving a big robbery case. While he was engaged in solving this case, he was also introduced to the true love of his life, Kusuma. The whole film is about how Diwakar solves this case; it is a fun-filled roller coaster beautifully captured in a retro frame.

If you love to watch comedy movies online, you can subscribe to the aha app. It has a wide range of comedy movies like mail, Bell bottom, and many more that fill your life with humor and happiness.

Why Must Watch “Kanupapa” Movie Online

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Mohan Lal, Baby Meenakshi, Vimala Raman, Anu Sri, Smudrakhani, VedumudiVenu, Chemban Vinod Josh, etc

Screenplay & Direction:Priyadarshan

Music: 4 Music (Eldos, Gym, BB, Justin)

Cinematography: S.K. Ekambaram

Produced by: Mohan Lal on Overseas Network Entertainment banner


Kanupapa movie came under the deadly combination of Perfect Actor Mohan Lal and Director Priyadarshan. Their combination gave many masterpieces earlier, like Kalapani, etc. Mohan Lal, who does roles irrespective of his image like Manyam Puli, Janatha Garage, etc., in Telugu. His characters depict his passion for acting. Sensible Director Priyadarshan made many masterpieces. He frequently teamed up with Mohan Lal. His straight films in Telugu were Nirnayam with Nagarjuna and Gandeevam with Balakrishna only. Kanupapa movie dubbed into Telugu from Malayalam. Let’s check the movie’s story in aha ott platform.


Attempts are usually made to remake a hit film in one language. However, when it is felt that the original magic cannot be recreated, dubbing is successful. Heroes like complete actor Mohanlal, in particular, find it difficult to show such fantastic acting in movies, though. That is why dubbing has to be done, and there is no other option. It’s more than that, but Mohanlal dubbed the recent super hit ‘Oppam’ in Telugu with the title ‘Kanupapa’ and brought it to us.

Kanupapa’s story revolves around a blind Jayaram (Mohanlal). Jayaram, who works as a lift operator, is doing his job better than those who have eyes, depending on his concert and other senses, even if he is not focused. Retired Supreme Court Judge (NerumudiVenu) stays in the posh apartment complex where our hero Jayaram works. The judge believes Jayaram and shares some secrets about his life. He continues to search for a criminal named O Vasu Dev. However, some murders take place in the city during this time. The police department suspects that they are all similar and have some link to them.

Meanwhile, a wedding engagement is taking place in the apartment. The judge is assassinated, Blind Jayaram. As soon as Alert goes to the judge’s room, he escapes as if he had found the killer (Samudrakhani), this is where the police come in. Jayaram is suspected to be the prime accused in the murder case. From there, it starts like a cat and mouse game. Jayaram tries to prove his innocence.

On the other hand, the killer is trying to pull information from Jayaram and commit another murder. That’s none other than a child, which Jayaram loved more than his life. So what is Jayaram’s relationship with that child..? What is the lead to this story in the judge murder case..? Can Jayaram, who is framed in the judge murder case,escape..? What actually happened? What is the real moto of the killer? If you want to know how the killer got into Jayaram’s hands, you have to see an excellent murder mystery in the movie. 

Top reasons why to watch “Kanupapa” movie online:

The Mohanlal,Priyadarshan combination got a lot of hits. With that, we came up with an excellent interesting plot rather than cashing in on that craze.

And there are a lot of highlight scenes in this movie. Mohan Lal wrote all of the scenes in the performance of the base. The scene where Jayaram senses that there is a murderer in the lift, especially in one scene, and the interval scene are lovely. If you look at those scenes, it makes sense why Priyadarshan became such a great director.

The film is technically very sound. Cinematography and background score set the mood for the film. The scenes between the hero and the villain helped to increase the tempo in the second half.

To say about the award-winning National actor, SamudraKhani does his role very well then he lives in character.

Songwriter Anantha Sharma also wrote the songs to suit the Telugu Nativity without seeming to be dubbed anywhere. The dubbing dialogues are also well done. Srinivasa Murthy, who also dubbed Mohanlal, also brought tempo to the film with his voice.


Finally:  This movie is not for those who want to watch routine and regular films. But, for a different story film, for those who want to see it with good visuals, excellent acting, and coordination with other sections. Many users are watching Telugu movies online as its new trend of entertainment to watch favorite movies in homes.