Everything That You Need To Know About Clown Killifish Tank Mates

Are you looking for a new collection of fish community to add to your aquarium? Well, clown killifish will be the right option. These little fish add colour and thrill to your tank. So, if you plan to buy these fish, we have some things for you that will help you take care of your little new buddies at home. So, before you buy clown killifish tank mates,here are a few important things.

Everything that you need to know before buying Clown Killifish

The following are few things that you must know before buying clown killifish-

  • Size of the tank: Clown Killifish are going to love your mini or micro tanks. But it would be best to find a tank that doesn’t have strong filter currents as these fish species prefer still waters. However, sharing a tank can make it very tough for the reproduction of clown killifish species. However, you need to have a tight cover for your tank as these fish species are enthusiastic and extremely good jumpers.
  • Water conditions: another important thing you need to know about maintaining clown killifish is the water condition. These fish needs soft, acidic and warm water for their survival. Also, ensure there are no many fluctuations in the water parameters as this can lead to severe health problems in them.

  • Plants and decoration: If you do not want to add any filter to your tank, a good option is to put many plants on the water’s surface. This will help in keeping the water oxygenated and removing nitrates that can cause health issues. Adding scavengers to your tank can also be a suitable option. This can be helpful as they will eat the leftover food that collects at the tank’s bottom.
  • Breeding: So, if you are considering breeding clown killifish, then you need to take care of their diet, water parameters and their living conditions. They breed in a few weeks, so make sure you are making them comfortable in their environment.

You are not going to face any hassles while searching for clown killifish. They can be easily available in good fish stores. Get in touch with a reputed seller and seek advice and recommendation on care and maintenance while breeding this fish species. However, if you decide to make an online purchase, you must look into various parameters before making your final purchase.