Family and partner visa specialist – for better immigration

Family and partner visa specialist - for better immigration

These people help to assist with visa applications and give information regarding the procedure. Always choose registered specialists who are legalized by government for family and partner visa specialists.

What does Visa specialist do

  • They help in choosing appropriate visa depending on purpose and stay whether temporary or permanent visa etc.
  • Guides to fill visa application form in case of doubts as filling form is bit complicated with many questions.
  • If any Additional documents required they are to be arranged so that application won’t be rejected.
  • After submission of application they talk to concerned government or department regarding the application and gives us timely update on status of application.
  • They update the application status of ours often.

amily and partner visa specialists

Family and partner visa :

This type of visa allows the spouse or partner of an eligible foreign or foreign resident citizen to live in that country. This would to first step in getting permanent partner visa.

There are two types of visas : Offshore partner visa and Onshore partner visa

Onshore partner visa can be applied only when the applicant for partner visa is in the same country during filling application and even while granting the application. Offshore visa can be applied when applicant is outside the country while applying and even while approval of the application.

Getting permanent residency visa has stages :

The stage one comprises of a single combined application for both temporary and permanent residency ,firstly after approval of temporary residency then after 2 years if still relation is very good between partners then permanent is issued.

The stage two consists of submitting the updated certificate with still going relationship between partners then after application approval directly permanent residency visa is given.

The specialist list out the requirements list:

  • Details of sponsorship person:

Whether the particular person is permanent resident or not and is he eligible or not.

  • Proofs:

Both applicant and sponsor should provide their proofs such as birth certificates and passport etc.

  • Health check up certificate:

Various tests are done like HIV, HbsAg and covid tests, any other systemic complications are to shown and medical certificate stating fitness is to be submitted. Health waiver should to applied for if health assessment is forgotten or neglected.

  • Good character: there should not be any criminal cases oh him or her and there should beĀ  good character certificate required.
  • Relation with spouse:

Marriage is acceptable when marriage certificate is present and legalized.

  • Genuine relation goals:

Written document needed to be submitted stating that they have mutual commitment in sharing life