Get to know about the different style of mountain bikes

buying a mountain bike

Mountain biking has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, resulting in a significant increase in sales for companies that manufacture specialised mountain bikes.

The days of big, heavy-framed metal lumps with knobbly tyres are long gone, giving way to sleek, light, yet incredibly strong-framed, futuristic-looking bikes with dual suspension and a variety of tyre types found on a Formula One racing car.

These off-road dynacraft 24 inch bike typically fall into four categories and are built and configured differently to handle varying terrain and riding conditions.

Cross-country riding bike (XC)

Cross country bikes are lightweight and fast, and the majority of them are now built with aluminium or carbon fibre frames. They are designed to go over all types of terrain and can withstand a lot of challenges.

Downhill riding bike

Downhill bikes are specifically designed to ride only downhill. They are still built with light weight frames and dual suspension to handle much more extreme terrain. They will usually come with larger tyres than your average bike, as well as larger disc brakes that are more powerful and give the rider more control.

buying a mountain bike

All mountains (Trail riding) bike

All mountain bikes are intended for general riding in mountain or trail conditions. Although they are designed to climb hills efficiently, they are typically a little heavier and sturdier than your average cross country bike. All mountain bikes strike an excellent balance of efficiency, comfort, and control.

Free riding bike

Mountain bikes are built to take a lot more punishment than other types of bikes. A free ride biker will ride these dynacraft 24 inch bike through difficult trails, drops, jumps, and other crazy stunts.

These bikes are heavy and tough, not easy to pedal to the top of the hill, but with dual suspension and tyres designed for maximum grip, they will handle anything you can throw at them.