Guides and tips for mail services

Do you believe that direct mail as a form of business marketing and communication is extinct as of today? So, reconsider. According to research, direct mail campaigns generate five times the number of purchases as email campaigns. As a result, small businesses that send direct mail to customers and prospects see a return on their investment. The mail, also known as the post, is a method of physically transporting postcards, letters, and parcels. A postal service can be private or public, like the mailing services in Rochester, MN, though private systems are often restricted by governments. National postal systems have generally been established as a government monopoly since the mid-nineteenth century, with a fee on the prepaid article.

A postage metre is also used for bulk mailing. Proof of payment is typically in the form of an adhesive postage stamp, but a postage meter is also used for bulk mailing. With the introduction of email, the term “postal mail” was coined. Aside from transporting letters, postal authorities frequently perform other duties. A postal, telegraph, and telephone (PTT) service is in charge in some countries.

When exporting or preparing a mailing list, what is the best way to separate the address fields or column names?

  • Name,
  • Address 1,
  • City,
  • State and zip code

These are the only requisite areas. Optional fields include business name, address, department, and so on. There is a five-line limit for each address, which limits the number of different fields we can include.

Do you provide tabbing (also known as wafer sealing)?

According to postal regulations, any mailing piece that requires tabbing is automatically tabbed. There is no additional charge for tabbing because it is already included in the price. If you require tabbing but do not require us to mail your material to you, please contact us for pricing.

Is there a fee for requesting a temporary return service?

No, only for First Class mail. Customers mailing via First Class and First Class Presort receive free use of most service endorsements for returning pieces and updating addresses as long as the piece includes a return address. Mailing services in Rochester, MN will add “Or Current Resident” after the primary name or business for bulk mail. Pieces will be delivered as directed, and because nothing will be returned, you will incur no additional charges or fees for the mailing. If this does not meet your mailing requirements, please contact us for return service or change-of-address options, as well as bulk mail rates.