Here are few things to note in Haikyuu anime

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I chose to watch Haikyuu after numerous requests from my friend. I was not disappointed in the least. In fact, I have grown excessively fascinated with the show, binge-watching all three seasons in four days. Haikyuu is one of the most popular sports anime, based about volleyball. It not only gets your heart pounding by showing high-intensity battles, but it also displays each character’s interesting storyline. Now, if you are wondering, what is so fantastic about a volleyball anime? Let Here you have some reasons why you should try it. Got interest in the series? Then try buying things in Haikyuu Store.


All of the characters in this show try to improve their teammates. The progression from season 1 to season 3 is seen. They may squabble, tease, and get on one other’s nerves all the time, but they realise that without the others, their chances of success are slim. Furthermore, the interactions between all of the characters should be enough to keep you interested. They are a crazy, hormonal, hilarious mishmash that you can’t help but like. Definitely squad aims. Many of their heart is warmed by their unending support for one another on and off the court.


The attention to detail is evident from the first scene of the opening sequence through the show and till the finale. Take a look at the landscape scenes in the backdrop. These are works of art. The animation during the volleyball games is really stunning. When spiking a ball, showing speed can be tough, yet Haikyuu does it flawlessly. Using colours and lines, you can examine the force behind each serve and receipt. If you just watch the show for one item, make it the volleyball contests. I also enjoy the character’s expressions. They give the storey far more depth and, most of the time, make me laugh till I weep. To buy things with the anime characters reach Haikyuu Store.

Haikyuu Merch

Not only is the show addictive due of the sport and the characters’ relationships, but the humour is also excellent. Even when reading the subtitles, the hilarity comes across loud and clear. It had me in stitches, from the overdone facial expressions to the theatrical tears and exaggerated responses to one another. It could be the English subtitles that make it hilarious. Otherwise, I wouldn’t understand what they are saying because of mistranslation. But still even with those two difficulties, the humour delivery was that good.