More Facts About Grain Brokers Australia

More Facts About Grain Brokers Australia

Grain Brokers Australia, a small family-owned company, was founded in 1927. The company pioneered grain broking and has supplied many of Australia’s leading cereal companies with the most refined Australian grains.

Grain Brokers Australia (GBA) is an association representing brokers in the Australian grain industry. GBA guides its members on best practices and represents them to state governments, regulators, consumers, and international authorities. We aim to ensure our members provide a high level of service to their customers through education, training, sharing information, and ensuring compliance with all regulations.

Our membership includes owners of independent country grain selling businesses that have existed for over 80 years. These well-known multi-national companies are leaders in the flour milling industry and many small family-run businesses that have only just begun trading. All actively provide services to their clients that include purchasing or selling grains or both. Some may outsource this function to brokers, while others choose to trade their grain.

GBA members trade over 30 different types of grains and oilseeds for domestic use or export. Our members operate mainly in regional areas, but some deal is nationally depending upon the type of business they are involved with, i.e., milling vs. bulk commodities, etc. Many also provide contract stevedoring services at ports throughout Australia via their network of associated businesses.


GBA represents its members directly to the government by attending consultations with Ministers and regulators when issues arise that impact the grain industry generally or our membership specifically. We ensure our views are heard through regular discussions held between Grainwise representatives and senior officials in relevant departments within the service of both the commonwealth and states where we operate.

GBA collects statistical data from its membership regularly to provide updates on these statistics to reflect the industry accurately. We also gather statistics for the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics (ABARE), used within the government range of agencies, including statutory bodies that report back to parliament.

Ongoing education is provided by way of monthly newsletters, member seminars, training sessions with freelance presenters, and through our website where you can access information about members services amongst other educational material free of charge, including over 3000 recently updated prices for different grains or oilseeds depending upon where they are traded or delivered around Australia.

Members-only forums, manuals, and updated codes of practice and conduct can be viewed here with an option to download, amend, or complete them to comply with the relevant legislation or regulations governing our industry.

Members can also access support services such as payment solutions and transport logistics, including road, rail, and port systems for grains, oilseeds, and agricultural commodities. We provide tools such as price calculators online that help our members advise their clients accurately when buying or selling grain.