Three simple reasons for using cups over cones

Custom Cups With Lids

When you are having a hard time choosing what kind of packaging you need for your ice cream. From usual ice cream cones to custom cups with lids. Most ice cream shops can have a selection of packaging and serving options for the ice cream products. The cones are known to be the classic serving of ice cream but there are greater advantages when you use cups for your ice cream. You can have these simple reasons why choosing cups for serving ice cream is better than cones.

Cups can promote your brand

It is more convenient and affordable to make a custom-made cup that has your branding. Your brand can be easily identified in the cups because it is in front and center. Whenever someone is making an order of ice cream, gelato, and yogurt from your store. It is not only your source of revenue for your business but it can also increase using it as your promotional tool. This can attract more customers and gain new sales. Those customers that avail of your product will walk around bringing the cups that have your brand and design. This is how you can promote your brand in a cup.

Custom Cups With Lids

Cups are affordable and simple

Buying a wholesale cup for your ice cream is ideal when you want your business to have low costs. Thinking that you will buy thousands of paper cups, the cost of every cup will decrease. Knowing that your cups have low costs you can compete with other ice cream shops that have good quality and price. The cups can be convenient and cheap. It is a good sign to save more money. When you’re starting your business it is better to keep everything at a low cost and you can use an unbranded ice cream cup to cut your costs.

Cups don’t expire

It is one of the disadvantages when you use cones for your ice cream as it has an end date which you can’t use once it has expired. You have to get new cones which is a waste of money. So, using cups for your ice cream is easy and you can keep it for a few months without any damage. Buying it in bulk can lessen the waste cost and you can save enough money which lets you run your business smoothly. Rather than keep ordering a new set of cones for your ice cream. Other businesses are using cups for their ice cream because they know that it is cheaper than cones. It rarely happens that you dispose of old or damaged cups but when you do it is easier and still a low cost.

When you’re starting an ice cream business it is better that you use cups over cones. The cones have end dates and it can cost you a lot of money which can be a little hassle in your business. It is better that you keep everything at a low cost and it is a better way to use cups to promote your brand in the market.