Thriller movies for Telugu people who loves excitement

Here is a collection of great regional Telugu Thriller Movies and films that you should watch if you enjoy the thriller genre and love watching movies. These are some of the best Telugu Thriller movies to watch, with plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat and suspense. You may watch all of the top Telugu horror flicks right now on any of the many streaming video on demand (OTT) sites.

List of the Best Tollywood Thriller Movies with Lots of Suspense:

  1. Aithe (2003):

Movie buffs, be warned: Aithe is an oldie that came out in the first half of the previous decade. Despite the film’s lack of commercial success, it was praised for its innovative concept, outstanding ensemble, and talent. In this case, the criminal takes a plane hostage with only four of his supporters. The hijacker isn’t a known terrorist or a violent criminal, but their goal is to instill fear worldwide. This book excels as a psychological thriller.

  1. Senapathi:

Director Pavan Sadineni helms the Indian Telugu-language murder thriller Senapathi (Commander), set to be released in 2021. The original version, in Tamil, was released in 2017. Jeevan Kumar, Pavani Reddy, and Rocky are only some of the actors featured in the film. Senapathi made its debut on Aha on December 31, 2021. Watch Senapathi Movie Online today on Aha with HD quality.

  1. Aravind (2005):

The film from the early 2000s is still considered a masterpiece and a must-watch thriller among Telugu films. The story follows director Aravind and an actor as they travel around the country in search of film plot ideas. Nonetheless, remarkable events occur in which the script controls their lives and makes them become real people.

Watch Anukokunda Oka Roju | Prime Video

  1. Anukokunda Oka Roju (2005):

Movie fans should not miss this opportunity to see Jagapathi Babu and Charmee Kaur in one of the year’s best thriller movies to watch. The story follows an actress who is drugged at a party without her knowledge and then wakes up a day later. She can’t recall what happened in the intervening days.

  1. Karthikeya (2014):

The film stars Nikhil, and it’s about some strange things that happen to him when he goes to a town called Subramaniapuram to set up a medical clinic. The locals are perpetually alarmed by rumors of a poisonous snake in the temple, but the actor uncovers the truth.

  1. Drushyam (2014):

Highly recommended for fans of suspense and thriller films, the critically acclaimed Drushyam was a smash hit when it was released. Starring Venkatesh Daggubati and Meena, the film follows their characters as they try to keep their family safe after the hero’s daughter inadvertently kills a man who tries to blackmail and molest her.

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Hope you enjoyed this rundown of the best Tollywood and Telugu Thriller flicks now available to Watch Senapathi Movie Online. For fans of suspenseful movies, these are essential viewing.