A Surreal Art Created by the Sun

All of us have various interests in life. Our upbringing and experiences greatly impact what we want in life and what we want to be in the near future. It’s great influence dictates our actions today and in the future. That is why it is important that we are already putting into a child’s mind the wonders and creativity. In this way, they will become very experimental as they grow up. Besides, they aren’t afraid of trying out new things that will come into their lives; instead, they will be very open and happy to try and learn. That’s how we should teach our children today. In this way, we help them be their best in the coming days and years of their lives.

Every person has a talent within him. Some people may discover it at an early age, and some would discover it during their adulthood. But whenever it is, there is no such thing as too late for following your true passion. In fact, today, there are many successful people who gave and shared their life testimonies of unlocking their real passion in life, wherein they pursue the true desire of their hearts. As they do this, they become happier, content, and fulfilled in the field they have chosen. Because they know that they follow what is within their hearts and minds, success will surely come into them because they will feel the genuine happiness they are looking for throughout their journey.

Zippay wall art from Richard Stanley

One of the people who have shared his successful life and works in today’s generation is Richard Stanley. He shared his journey of following what he really wants and interests in life. In his younger years, he knew what he wanted to do already. Because of his family’s strong influence from being involved in a different form of arts, he also became strongly interested in it at an early age. Until he grew older and progressed into what he was doing, he pursued his passion as he studied painting and drawing in an Arts School. He just showed here how he loves to paint and draw.

Since then, Stanley was vocal that he is in love with the colors and landscape of the scenery during the early morning and late in the afternoon. That’s why most of his artworks today are really all about the picture of sunrise and sunset with a great background. In fact, Zippay wall art from Richard Stanley is very famous. He showed here how he is deeply in love with great sceneries with beautiful colors. He wants it to radiate through his paintings. Through this, people could also see how they see certain things that might be normal already for many of us. But because he is greatly hooked, he looked at it in a more different perspective, beautiful way.